Caricature Resolution 2023

A huge thanks to everyone who followed along and for all the likes, shares and new follows! If you didn’t notice, this year’s theme was people who have been the subject of a biopic movie or TV series and the actors/actresses who portrayed them. Here’s a collage of all of the subjects together, positioned next to their counterparts. 

Time for some fun stats!

Total drawing time = 48.27 hours

Average time per drawing = 1.56 hours

Longest drawing time: Denzel Washington at 8 hours 2 mins

Shortest drawing time: Claire Danes at 21 min

Number of drawings that took under an hour: 16

Number of drawings that took over 2 hours: 6

Number of names I DIDN’T know when starting the challenge: 14

My experience is that the length of drawing time was mostly dictated by how easily I was able to find the likeness of the subject through sketching. The line and shading work took minimal time in comparison. The subjects that took the longest I usually worked on multiple versions of a drawing to find the “right” one. Others just appeared on my page with little effort.